In a business, loading docks or bays are used for performing heavy moves such as shipping, loading goods, and delivering activities. When you visit a loading dock, you may experience a lot of commotion and unsettling works. Usually, the place is filled with a lot of stuffs, including goods carrying vehicles, workers, forklifts, shipping containers, and annoying noises.

Not surprisingly, most warehouse accidents occur in loading docks. Injuries and halting of businesses due to mishaps in loading dock are not uncommon. The best possible to keep these areas safe and convenient is to learn loading dock safety rules. If you are dealing in a shipping business, you will need to share these rules with your employees.


How to prevent accidents in a loading dock

Safety in a workplace is non-negotiable for a business. Instead of waiting for accidents to hit the norms of the day, workplaces should be more complying with safety guidelines. Employees are required to follow loading dock safety rules which are made for the workstation. Here are five tips to keep a dock safe and secure.

  • Keep the floor clean

When someone steps over a piece of a sharp-edged object or liquid on the floor, he may sustain injuries due to slip or fall. Therefore, it is important to deploy workers to clean the floor round-the-clock. As soon as they see a banana peel on the floor, they remove it immediately.

  • Use barriers to prevent fall

Install chains, scissor gate, and caution lines when an unloading process is going on. These barriers will prevent unauthorized people from entering the area. Having a copy of safety rules on the wall could be more beneficial for this purpose.

  • Good communication between workers

All the people who are involved in dock activities at a time must know their positions. When a driver is arriving at the dock, the operator should give a signal to other vehicles to clear the area. To fulfill this requirement, there should be proper communication among the employees.

  • Use storage rack and locking devices

When tools are kept unleashed and scattered over the vehicle floor, they would collide with one another and fall off the dock. This can cause damage to equipment and injuries. By using a storage rack, you can prevent equipment on a truck from falling off the dock.

  • Keep your business safe and easy

If you are looking for a device to hold awkward objects in the vehicle, buy 4-Bay Wall Mount at a discount price. When your truck is ready to ship goods from your dock, make sure your workers get proper knowledge of loading dock safety rules. A safe work practice is the best option for doing business.


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