In transportation and the freight industry, you need to be careful with the way in which you place your racks. As there is a growing number of cases where people suffer injuries due to improper handling, OSHA specifies some requirements which need to be considered. When you are looking forward to buying an OSHA rack or OSHA racks, make sure that the structure of the rack is sturdy and durable. You need to pay more attention when you have to post heavier racks to OSHA.

You can purchase the racks which you find suitable, but make sure that you ask these questions below-

  • What is OSHA all about?

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration issues. This is in place to prevent the injuries from which people suffer while handling products at warehouses. This has some guidelines which should be followed so as to prevent any injury and minimize the chances of any injuries. When storage solutions like racks are made, the manufacturers ensure that the design of the material is in line with their requirements.

  • How should the racks be placed?

Regardless of the fact that the items are to be placed on a shelve of a warehouse or at the dock, the placement should be done with care. The shelves should be installed at a medium height which would prevent the employees from either reaching out too high or too low. In case when you have to place the items on the shelf in a trailer or a dock, it is preferable to install them at a height which does not tilt the heavier load in the process.

  • How should the items be removed on the racks?

This is an important thing to consider. In case you are dealing with items which are harmful to handle, you need to be careful when you remove them. In case the items are placed at a height, then there should be stepladders and stools which should be kept handy. You should cover your hands with gloves when necessary before you lift the items. As the racks would be well- aligned with the vehicle or the dock, you would not worry about any items falling off or getting damaged in the due course of time.

  • Is the placement different according to the industry?

Well, this is an important fact which has to be considered. The way in which you would place your items on a grocery shelf would be very different from the way the items would be placed in a trailer. The structure of the rack should be such that the pulling and pushing of the item does not cause any strain to either arms or back of an individual.


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