FMCSA Rules And Regulations For Cargo Equipment Storage

To make sure that the supplier or cargo dealer handles the shipment carefully, FMCSA has made several rules and regulations. These rules are mentioned for the security of the item during a cargo shipment. To avoid any penalty or causing damage to the item, you must know that you are shipping or storing cargo in compliance with all the rules. However, there several rules that needs to be followed in this, which makes it confusing. But, in this article, we have listed all the crucial rules that need to be followed to ensure the shipment’s safety. Whether it’s the use of racks or placing the shoring beam holder, these rules will cover all the requirements.

1. The devices or the cargo you are using must be capable of meeting the performance criteria.

2. The cargo equipment needs to be placed or fastened efficiently without any error. This includes tightening every screw without any issue and all the racks used must be capable of holding the item well. Every single equipment you are using needs to perfectly tied up to keep the item safe.


3. You need to make sure that all the securement equipment and tie-downs are fastened to the wall or floor perfectly. All the equipment must be rechecked before the vehicle leaves so there loosen or unfastened device putting the shipment in danger while it is in transit.

4. During shipments, you are required to install the edge protection wherever required to ensure safety. This will protect the shipment from any risk of abrasions, cutting, or crushing during transportation.

5. According to the rules the shipment dealer needs to use at least one tie-downs for the shipment of 5 ft or less and 1,100 lbs or less in weight. This is to make sure that the items of this size and shape does not move from there place while in transit and don’t get damaged due to the wall collision.

6. The carrier must use two tie-downs in case the article is 5 ft or less in length and more than 1,100 lbs in weight or is greater than 5 ft but less than 10 ft, regardless of weight.


Above mentioned are some of the important rules of FMCSA to store and ship the items via cargo. However, apart from these rules, you also need to take care of the items by taking extra precautions. You can use the additional racks and shoring beam holder to keep the item safe.

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