One of the major issues faced by people all across the globe is the shortage of storage space. Since residential spaces are limited and so are the office spaces, people are often at their wit’s end when it comes to storing stuff. More often than not, there is a huge demand for all cargo equipment and storage spaces. These require the use of heavy machinery and therefore are sites where many dangerous accidents can happen if appropriate precautions aren’t taken.

It is therefore important for people to ensure standards for safety for all employees. The OSHA loading dock regulations are important to follow for people to avoid any kind of mishap occurring during storage, loading, and unloading of cargo equipment.

What are the OSHA Loading Dock Regulations?

The acronym OSHA means the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They are the standards which need to be followed at places such as loading docks which make use of forklifts. It is important to have adequate measures to ensure the safety of those working in the loading dock. Since the line of vision is mostly hindered, adequate measures must be taken to ensure that visual and physical barriers are installed while loading and unloading, using a forklift. Some of the requirements followed for OSHA loading dock include:

1. Close dock doors when there is no truck in the dock. If this is not possible due to various reasons, then any opening with a drop of 4 ft. or more should be guarded by a fall protection barrier.


2. Most semi-trailers and trucks have 48 inch high platforms, the standard height of loading platforms is 44-48 inch high.

3. Since refrigerated trucks have a 50-60 inch height, it is mandatory that a guard rail is present.

4. A prominent visual barrier should mandatorily be present at the loading dock to prevent any misfortune incident from happening.

5. The visual barrier should be easy to set as well as remove. Using magnets to remove the barriers in less time and conveniently is generally recommended.


6. Alternately, loading dock safety chain can be used to prevent any kind of accident.

7. Ensure that people operating heavy machinery such as forklift etc. should be properly trained and able to control the equipment.


How to Choose the Best Cargo Storage Solutions?

Loading and unloading are not the only problems to be taken care of. Having enough storage space also is a major concern for people. It is important to choose the best cargo storage solutions for the protection of your important stuff. Some important points to keep in mind while choosing your storage partner are toughness (reinforced steel space) to withstand low temperature and having adequate storage space for all essential tools.


Author Bio: The writer is professionally connected to a firm dedicated and involved in cargo solutions.

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