When it comes to hauling cargo, load bar racks offer excellent strength and functionality. Cab racks are not only designed to make it easier for users to organize and store equipment but also help them make their cab look “stylish” as well. On websites featuring load lock racks, you will find a variety of options in cab racks terms of style, which range from cab racks with a window to racks with a three-door smooth enclosure, trays and chain holders, and more.

In case you do not use car racks, you are highly recommended to start using them as they can be a really good investment. They allow you to carry almost anything you usually cannot fit inside your vehicle or you simply put – would not carry with you – otherwise. It could be big things, such as boats, bikes, or basic stuff, such as hockey equipment, wet camping gear or anything else. The possibilities are virtually endless! Although there are a lot of options available in racks, which cab rack is right for you depends on a variety of factors-

  • Raised rails - In case you have rails along the sides of your car roof raised up, meaning there is a gap between the roof and the rail, you can get a foot pack that clips just right on to these. Although you can go for it, there is no need to get a vehicle-specific fit-kit. This means you are able to bring your costs down by over $100.
  • Solid rails - If the rails along the sides of your roof do not have a gap (called solid, continuous or flush rails), your foot pack and fit kit will be specific.
  • Fix points - Some vehicles come with points designed for mounting a rack to. They are generally covered with a plastic tab of sorts and are sometimes difficult to see.
  • Naked roof - If there is nothing on the roof of your cab, you would need a foot pack and fit-kit that is designed to clamp into the door jamb.

You should ideally for OSHA complied load bars. The bars come in a variety of lengths – depending on the size of the vehicle and what you want to carry with you. The square or round bars are the basic models, but if you want, you can upgrade to wider, flatter bars with aerodynamic, airplane-wing-shaped profile which are usually quieter.

Properly store your equipment and keep it organized with load bar racks!

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